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About Our Church

Welcome to New life, a vibrant and inclusive community of faith located in delhi . We are dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus Christ and making a positive impact in our local community and beyond.

Welcome to the Foundation of New Life Church

We are a dynamic and inclusive community dedicated to living out our faith, inspiring hope, and sharing the love of Christ with the world. Since our founding in [year], we have been committed to creating a welcoming space where people from all walks of life can experience God’s grace and grow in their spiritual journey. In our church, we prioritize nurturing spiritual growth and fostering a vibrant faith community. We offer transformative teachings rooted in the timeless truths of the Bible, empowering individuals to apply these principles in their everyday lives. Our uplifting worship services are designed to draw us closer to God, igniting a passion for His presence and inspiring a life of worship.

Serving The Lord Since 1999

As you join us on this exciting journey, you become part of a legacy in the making. Together, we are building a strong foundation for future generations, leaving a lasting impact on our community and the world. We invite you to experience the warmth of our church family, connect with like-minded believers, and find opportunities for personal growth and meaningful service.
Whether you are seeking answers, searching for purpose, or simply desiring a community where you can belong, we welcome you with open arms.

Our Mission

Our mission at Foundation of New Life Church is to glorify God by loving Him, loving others, and making disciples of all nations. We are committed to creating a vibrant and inclusive community where people can encounter the transforming power of Jesus Christ, find genuine belonging, grow in their faith, and live out the principles of the Gospel in their everyday lives. We strive to be a beacon of hope, love, and truth, bringing light into the darkness and making a positive impact in our local community and beyond.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a church that passionately pursues God's presence, seeks His will, and embraces His purpose for our lives. We envision a community where people are empowered to live authentically, love extravagantly, and serve selflessly. We aspire to be a catalyst for spiritual growth, equipping and empowering individuals to become mature disciples of Jesus Christ who impact their families, workplaces, and communities for the glory of God. Our vision is to see lives transformed, brokenness healed, and a ripple effect of God's love and grace spreading throughout the world.

Our Belifs

  1. Faith: We have unwavering faith in the power and promises of God. We trust in His guidance, provision, and sovereignty in all aspects of our lives.
  2. Love: We believe that love is the foundation of our faith and the essence of who we are as a church. We seek to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love our neighbors as ourselves.
  3. Community: We value authentic relationships, fostering a sense of belonging, acceptance, and support within our church family. We believe that genuine community encourages spiritual growth, accountability, and unity.
  4. Discipleship: We are committed to equipping and empowering individuals to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. We provide resources, teachings, and mentorship opportunities that promote spiritual growth and transformation.
  5. Outreach: We are passionate about reaching out to the lost, broken, and marginalized, demonstrating God’s love through acts of compassion, service, and evangelism. We aim to be a light in our community, meeting both spiritual and practical needs.
  6. Excellence: We strive for excellence in all that we do, offering our best to God in worship, teaching, stewardship, and service. We believe that honoring God with excellence reflects His character and draws others closer to Him.

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